Get Uber Vouchers for eating at your favorite restaurants

Get one⭐ Star for every one 💵 Euro you spend.
Get a 5€ voucher every 50⭐ Stars you collect.

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Sound too good to be true? Restaurants happily fund vouchers.

It's Easy to Earn Uber Vouchers

We make it as simple as possible with no blackout dates or restrictions.

Step 1: Eat Anywhere

Eat at any restaurant worldwide. During our beta phase, we’re accepting all restaurants to test the concept.

HOW: As we test the concept, we’re going to cover restaurants that are not yet partners.

Step 2: Upload Receipt

Upload your receipt within 24 hours of your meal. You will collect 1 Star for every dollar spent. The milestone is 50 Stars.

WHY: Restaurants give us the money for your Uber voucher, plus our fee.

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Step 3: Get Voucher

When you hit 50 Stars, we’ll email you a $5 Uber voucher. Click the voucher link from your phone and it will be activated in your Uber App.

MAGIC: We have a partnership with Uber so we are able to make this look like magic,

Restaurants Happily Pay Vouchers

Restaurants will become our partners because they hate three things.

Hate Discounts

People get addicted to discounts. Once customers get a discount they will never want to pay full price again.

Hate New Technology

Restaurants have a lot to focus on. Learning and teaching staff new technology is hard. We send restaurants an invoice each month with your receipt attached.
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Hate Delivery

Restaurants pay 30% of the bill to delivery services. Even worse, they lose out their highest margin product, drinks. Restaurants want you to eat in.


We want to help in any way we can. We’ve answered the most
commonly asked questions below or email us anytime.


Did you say any restaurant?

Yes. While we are testing the idea, we’re going to accept receipts from all restaurants in the world.  Our goal is to get you out, enjoy a meal with a good book or friends and have fun!

How about takeout?

No, unfortunately, we don’t offer Uber Voucher for takeout and deliveries.

Do I need to spend $50 at one restaurant?

No. You are rewarded based on total spent. If you spend $20 at one restaurant and $30 at another, you’ve earned a $5 voucher.


Is HeyRide free?

Yes. Local businesses want your business!

Do my stars expire?

No, the Stars you collect towards an Uber Vouchers do not expire.

Can I redeem my Stars in Canada & Puerto Rico?

Yes, these Uber vouchers work everywhere Uber is available.

How are Stars calculated?

You get 1 Star for every dollar spent. We round up to the next dollar at 50 cents.


Can I use more than one voucher on one Uber ride?

No.  Uber only lets you use one voucher per ride. You can ask to combine vouchers in a $10 Uber voucher.

Where can I use the voucher?

Anywhere. Anytime. You can use Uber vouchers on Uber rides worldwide.

How and where do I redeem my Uber Vouchers?

Vouchers are automatically sent to you by email when you gain 50 stars. Any remaining stars go toward your next voucher.

Is there a minimum I must spend at a restuarant?

No. Spend as much as you like, you will be rewarded accordingly.

Can I send my voucher link to someone else?

Yes. You can send the link for the voucher to someone else. After you click the link in your email and it goes to your Uber app, it cannot be sent.

Is there a limit to the number of vouchers I can have?

No, there is no limit to the number of Uber vouchers you can have at one time.