“I wrote a post about ‘How to Make Friends in Berlin,’” explains travel blogger Cheryl Howard. It was an good-hearted whim that snowballed into something else entirely. Soon her online community—32,000 people follow her adventures—turned into people making real life connections offline.More and more people started reaching out to Cheryl wanting to make plans to meet up. Soon it was more requests than she could manage. So she and her friend Adam  started a group called Make Friends in Berlin that convenes at a different dive bar each month—attracting 50 to 60 people at a time.

“But we don’t make people wear name tags or anything,” she says gamely. Most importantly, she says, “we’ve seen people form real friendships from it.” HeyRide loves people like Cheryl—who create something wonderful from nothing—so we asked the inveterate globetrotter for her favorite haunts here at home.



Cheryl says: “Out of all the Indian places I’ve tried in Berlin, this is definitely my favorite—not to mention fairly priced. It’s an Indian street-food place with a really cool Berlin-style atmosphere. They have a lot of different dosas [Indian crepes filled with meat or veggies, chutney and spices] and vegetarian things—and a lot of it’s really healthy.”

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Yum Cha Heroes
Cheryl’s go-to dumpling place
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“I’m from Toronto, where there are a lot of dim-sum places where people fly by with carts. This is not like that! It’s a smaller, intimate setting. They have a giant selection of dumplings and they’re really, really good.”

Salt n Bone
Cheryl’s favorite pub
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“They call themselves a gastropub—it’s a really cool, chilled out place with an incredible craft beer selection, homemade sausages, and very good veggie burgers. It’s also one of the only places that does a traditional British roast on Sunday nights.”


Bun Bao
Cheryl’s secret source for fries
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“They used to operate out of a food truck and just opened their first real location. They have asian-themed burgers and REALLY GOOD sweet-potato fries.”


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