Our Story

Hungry? We’ll pick you up.

That’s the idea behind HeyRide, the start-up that was incubated by Daimler, BMW, and Deutsche Bahn as part of Startupbootcamp Berlin.

“We kept seeing all these food delivery ads and it seemed so depressing: eating on the sofa in sweatpants, looking at your phone. We wanted to make it easier (and cheaper) for people to get out and have an adventure every day. Plus, even the best restaurants have open tables. That’s why we’re here,” explains Katy McColl.

Restaurants all over Berlin—from Bourbon Dogs to Rawtastic to Vapiano—have signed up with HeyRide, because they realize that door-to-door customer service is cooler and cheaper than ads. “We invented Pay-per-ride as a better way for local businesses to get customers in the door than “pay and pray” or pay-per-click marketing,” says Anthony Barba.

Barba came up with the idea shortly after Uber came to Berlin. Thanks to a regulatory dustup, rides across town were virtually free, and during that time, Anthony and his wife discovered amazing restaurants ALL over Berlin. (Then the party was over and they were back to the same neighborhood places they’d patronized for years.) If casinos send jets for high rollers, he wondered, why shouldn’t restaurants send taxis for you?

Before writing a single line of code, the HeyRide team started with sales and tested nine iterations of the business model with Facebook ads. Running lean and listening—hard—are core parts of our DNA.

The first HeyRide app was developed at Startupbootcamp Berlin in the fall of 2015. Our app was approved by the Apple store in April ’16, and our current headquarters is at DB Mindbox, Deutsche Bahn’s innovation space on the Spree River.

Our Story


Anthony Barba

As the founder of a digital agency, Anthony has built mobile apps & strategy for Nike, P&G, and others. His first startup, at 26, sent event listings for the Hamptons to subscribers via SMS. He followed that with an SMS-based surf & ski report service he sold to Time Warner.


Katy McColl

As an executive magazine editor and author of five non-fiction books, Katy has led editorial teams and brand extensions at Hearst, Time Inc, Harpo, and Conde Nast. She helped launch VOGUE.com and created the original roadshow documents for the Acumen Fund.


Dennis Sprute

Fresh from BILD, Europe’s largest newspaper, Dennis single-handedly signed our first client Vapiano to prove the market. His favorite restaurant in Berlin is Moos at Silent Green. “It has awesome feng shui, and it’s a good place to score big points with women—like my mom.”

Culture at HeyRide

It’s all about the team.

Our Mission

HeyRide is Google for offline intent. As the world’s first pay-per-ride platform, the HeyRide app enables businesses to capture that intent by offering free or subsidized transportation to their brick and mortar locations. Hungry? These restaurants will send a car to pick you up. It’s next level customer service for consumers who have a choice.

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